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	[ListTags(*,{"glue":", "})] => 
		adjective, adjective::age::object, adjective::age::person, adjective::condition, adjective::fantastic, adjective::feeling, adjective::material, adjective::monster, adjective::quality, adjective::quantity, adjective::shape, adjective::size, adjective::sound, adjective::taste, adjective::temperature, adjective::time, adjective::weather, adventure::danger, adventure::what, adventure::where, adventure::who, alignment, biome, blue, brown, building::room, chaos_boundary::start, chaos_boundary::t1, chaos_boundary::t2, chaos_boundary::t3, chaos_boundary::t4, character, character_role, color, color::basic, definite, discovery, discovery::treasure, doom, doom::event, dungeon, dungeon_area, dungeon_exit, edible, edible::drink, edible::food, enterable, environment::sound, environment::sound::init, environment::weather::init, environment::weather::precipitation, environment::weather::temperature, environment::weather::wind, exotic_name, female, female_name, feminine, forest, fruit, game::funnel::bond, game::funnel::gender, game::funnel::npc_stats, game::funnel::occupation, game::funnel::personality_trait, game::funnel::physical_trait, game::funnel::villager, gem_stone, green, hair_type, indefinite, jewellery, job, landscape, living::animal, living::animal::fantasy, living::animal::fantasy::properties, magical_item, magical_item::enhancement, magical_item::item, male, male_name, masculine, monster, negative, neutral, npc, npc::class, npc_stats, object, oracle_wisdom, orange, person, personality, phenomenon::magic, physical_property, place, plural, positive, quest, quest::deadline, race, red, settlement, singular, size_quantifier, skin_color, smell, smell::bad, smell::good, spell, taste, terrain, test, test::compound, test::item, trait, vague_reference, verb::past_participle::covered, weapon, wisdom, world, world::description::celestial, world::description::moon, world::description::sun, world::property, yellow

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	[ListTags(color,{"glue":", "})] => 
		color, color::basic, skin_color

	i am an atom => 
		i am an atom

Atom & Molecule
	[Choose(fruit)] and [Choose(color)] => 
		blackberries and dark red

Simple choose
	[Choose(fruit)] => 

Choose fruit or color
	[Choose(fruit|color)] => 
		forest green

Choose red fruit
	[Choose(fruit&red)] => 

Choose red fruit or yellow fruit
	[Choose(fruit&red|fruit&yellow)] => 

Choose some red fruit or yellow fruit
	[Choose(fruit&red|fruit&yellow,{"count":4,"glue" : ", "})] => 
		apple, apple, cherry, cherry

Choose 4 articled fruit
	[Choose(fruit,{"count":4,"glue" : ", ","article":"any"})] => 
		an ugli fruit, the cantaloupe, figs, physaliss

Choose 4 fruit or color separated by ,
	[Choose(fruit|color,{"count":4,"glue" : ", "})] => 
		fire brick, cherry, apricot, plum/prune (dried plum)s

Choose singular
	[Choose(fruit&singular)] => 

Choose plural
	[Choose(fruit&plural)] => 

Choose 4 items
	[Choose(fruit,{"count":4})] => 
		boysenberry fig pears mulberry

Choose 1d6 items
	[Choose(fruit,{"count":"1d6"})] => 
		coconut cloudberries gooseberry cherry pumpkin

Simple Select
	[Select(red|blue|green)] => 

Select Commands
	[Select([Choose(fruit)]|[Choose(fruit)]|[Choose(fruit)])] => 

Select 4 times
	[Select(red|blue|green,{"count":4})] => 
		red red blue green

Simple Roll
	[Roll(2d6 + 2)] => 

Roll, 4 times
	[Roll(2d6 + 2,{"count":4})] => 
		13 5 5 12

Roll, 1D4 + 1 times
	[Roll(2d6 + 2,{"count":"1D4 + 1"})] => 
		8 14 7

Roll percentage
	[Roll(1d101 - 1)]% => 

	i am an atom => 
		i am an atom

	[Choose(fruit)] => 

Choose with ref
	[Choose(male_name,{"var":"hero1"})] => 

Choose with ref
	[Choose(female_name,{"var":"hero1"})] => 

Choose with ref
	[Choose(female_name,{"var":"hero1"})] => 

Ref female
	[Ref(male_name,{"var":"hero1"})] => 

Choose with ref
	[Choose(monster,{"var":"monster1"})] => 

Ref monster
	[Ref(monster,{"var":"monster1"})] => 

Ref monster possesive
	[Ref(monster,{"var":"monster1","determiner":"possessive"})] => 

Ref monster demonstrative near
	[Ref(monster,{"var":"monster1","determiner":"demonstrative", "closeness" : "near"})] => 

Ref monster demonstrative far
	[Ref(monster,{"var":"monster1","determiner":"demonstrative", "closeness" : "far"})] => 

A Quest
	[Choose(quest)] => 
		one of these quests: find at least 90 coins; find the Cat ring of ultimate gameness and talent, then one of these quests: rescue Listil Veta, the knight from the treants; rescue Caraheletta Aidey Erna, a daughter of Emizie Georgiane Nolmid from the unicorn; fetch the bloody anklet of diminished nerve; find Barrey and deliver the Lelle Ina, the sister of Uzell Bennonde to him; eat 2 yellow cake with chocolate frosting, then find Barrey and deliver a Lelle Ina, the sister of Uzell Bennonde to him, then fetch the tuna, then eat 4 butter, then go to a lowland taiga with the timeless hills and a temple of the Demon Dve now now in three weeks in 4 days, then rescue Caraheletta Aidey Erna, the high queen of Saugn from the Esne EaFreni Enlie, the concierge in three weeks

a monster
	[Choose(personality|exotic_name,{"captitalize":"first","article":"definite"})] [Choose(monster&plural)] of [Choose(place,{"article":"any"})] => 
		the moderate chimeras of a brave dungeon