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Beo Dwoy Noai.
Male Half-orc (chaotic evil). A tool sharpener turned barbarian. Dominating, thorough, nose ring, fair-haired. Blanched almond eyes, medium aquamarine hair with skincolor:brown skin.
STR:12 DEX:10 INT:9 WIS:12 CON:8 CHA:12

Porly Chris.
Male Halfling (lawful neutral). A waiter turned bard. Disorganized, uncooperative, balding, hawk-nosed. Honeydew eyes, short fluffy navajowhite hair with white skin.
STR:12 DEX:10 INT:13 WIS:7 CON:15 CHA:8

Female Elf (neutral good). A stonemason turned barbarian. Painstaking, self-indulgent, square jaw, nose ring. Medium orchid eyes, misty rose hair with pigmentation skin.
STR:9 DEX:7 INT:14 WIS:12 CON:10 CHA:10

Moc Flatch.
Male Elf (chaotic neutral). A roofer turned bard. Willful, undemanding, long arms, well-groomed. Turquoise eyes, spikey violet hair with blueish skin.
STR:12 DEX:8 INT:12 WIS:12 CON:12 CHA:13

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