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Jae Jiena.
Female Human (lawful good). A meat packer turned bard. Innovative, gullible, hawk-nosed, broad shoulders. Antique white eyes, wet cornflower blue hair with skincolor:brown skin.
STR:7 DEX:15 INT:8 WIS:6 CON:12 CHA:10

Rapheer Chot.
Male Halfling (neutral evil). A dentist turned thief. Callous, considerate, thick neck, sharp fingernails. Indigo eyes, dark gray hair with creme skin.
STR:15 DEX:11 INT:12 WIS:10 CON:16 CHA:4

Zina Brikdah Lotky.
Female Elf (lawful good). A zoologists turned wizard. Mechanical, silly, nasal voice, nearsighted. Deep sky blue eyes, dark slate blue hair with greenish skin.
STR:11 DEX:11 INT:12 WIS:10 CON:11 CHA:12

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