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Adrain Gileo Donnell.
Male Half-orc (chaotic evil). An actor turned bard. Busy, sage, bony, missing teeth. Aqua eyes, short, fine salmon curls with pasty skin.
STR:5 DEX:9 INT:13 WIS:7 CON:6 CHA:12

YutaLishia Evel Jey.
Female Half-orc (lawful good). A cabinetmaker turned thief. Hedonistic, cynical, long beard, smiley. Orchid eyes, thick curly crimson hair with rosy skin.
STR:13 DEX:13 INT:9 WIS:12 CON:5 CHA:17

Iza Dasla Daisey.
Female Half-orc (lawful evil). A model maker turned druid. Crebral, responsible, long arms, freckled. Olive drab eyes, long, navajowhite curls with white skin.
STR:13 DEX:11 INT:9 WIS:9 CON:10 CHA:9

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