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Azella Phigeita.
Female Half-elf (chaotic neutral). A nurse turned druid. Natty, cowardly, greasy-looking, blue-eyed. Fuchsia eyes, short fluffy medium orchid hair with gray skin.
STR:9 DEX:12 INT:11 WIS:13 CON:10 CHA:14

Kenson Shom.
Male Elf (chaotic evil). A civil engineer turned fighter. Silly, confused, full lips, broad chest. Navy eyes, long, light seagreen curls with rubicund skin.
STR:8 DEX:15 INT:10 WIS:11 CON:10 CHA:12

Thermond Elijiagudo Amaros.
Male Halfling (chaotic neutral). A buyer turned cleric. Sober, erratic, long torso, hunchback. Aquamarine eyes, short, fine pale violet red curls with olive skin.
STR:7 DEX:17 INT:6 WIS:11 CON:11 CHA:11

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