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Taih Taimy.
Female Human (neutral evil). An actuary turned fighter. Dignified, honorable, crooked teeth, long fingers. Powder blue eyes, almost bald with peaches-and-cream skin.
STR:6 DEX:5 INT:9 WIS:10 CON:10 CHA:14

Fernea Eyne Jenie.
Female Halfling (lawful neutral). An actuary turned ranger. Enthusiastic, honorable, large eyes, balding. Goldenrod eyes, blanched almond hair with red and looking healthy skin.
STR:10 DEX:8 INT:8 WIS:13 CON:11 CHA:15

Eshard Zaman Lyndel.
Male Elf (lawful neutral). A counsil turned bard. Foolish, challenging, wavy hair, dirty. Alice blue eyes, dark blue hair with jaundiced skin.
STR:12 DEX:9 INT:16 WIS:11 CON:15 CHA:11

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