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Pedro Dalen wunalde.
Male Gnome (chaotic neutral). A child care worker turned bard. Insightful, forecful, unibrow, broad hips. Misty rose eyes, thin teal hair with tanned skin.
STR:12 DEX:16 INT:10 WIS:11 CON:8 CHA:9

Seachate Vai.
Male Dwarf (neutral evil). A curator turned wizard. Sordid, incisive, bony, glowering. Lemon chiffon eyes, almost bald with red and looking healthy skin.
STR:11 DEX:4 INT:8 WIS:12 CON:7 CHA:10

Female Half-elf (neutral good). A tool and die maker turned thief. Ambitious, energetic, small feet, blue-eyed. Pale turquoise eyes, royal blue hair with creme skin.
STR:11 DEX:14 INT:13 WIS:9 CON:12 CHA:10

Male Half-elf (chaotic evil). A tailor turned paladin. Practical, selfless, broad brow, bony. Pale violet red eyes, thin light salmon hair with albino skin.
STR:7 DEX:10 INT:13 WIS:5 CON:15 CHA:16

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