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Female Elf (chaotic neutral). A hairdresser turned wizard. Creative, serious, hunchback, glowering. Dark slate blue eyes, short, fine hot pink curls with swarthy skin.
STR:6 DEX:8 INT:12 WIS:14 CON:13 CHA:6

Edale Guiszale Abrahmah.
Male Human (neutral good). A stripper turned druid. Athletic, treacherous, balding, piercing(s). Indian red eyes, bald with pallor skin.
STR:7 DEX:12 INT:14 WIS:10 CON:13 CHA:13

Female Half-elf (lawful good). A meat packer turned ranger. Impersonal, uncreative, scars(s), scowly. Cyan eyes, short, course ghost white hair with peaches-and-cream skin.
STR:12 DEX:14 INT:10 WIS:7 CON:14 CHA:13

Katile Lida Denca.
Female Elf (neutral). A tool and die maker turned barbarian. Incurious, proud, missing teeth, well-groomed. Dark green eyes, chocolate brown hair with florid skin.
STR:11 DEX:9 INT:13 WIS:14 CON:14 CHA:13

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